At Alltnacriche we provide a wide variety of residential opportunities for all age groups which offer a mix of onsite activities and time to explore the local area. Your class could explore the natural environment, look at our impact and take on the challenge of the John Muir Award or try a variety of activities such as crate climbing, gorge scrambling, archery, biking, canoeing, and visit Landmark.

These examples are just a starting point for our educational packages. Why not let the pupils build the programme? We’ll work out the logistics and the price.

Progression and learning in a residential context are much more than just the activities we do. It’s a great way to explore the whole person, who we are, what we value and what we believe. Our evening programmes have activities, challenges and “feet off the floor” time. This is an interactive opportunity to reflect on the day and explore the values and beliefs that support your theme for the week.

Themes are agreed in discussion with your school, and have included freedom, choices and friendship.

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